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Episode 1

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Women Working with Refugees in Calais

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During a visit to the warehouse in Calais that distributes clothing and equipment as well as preparing food for refugees, we were struck by the number of women working there.   In this interview Linda Ness asks why people go to Calais to help the refugees and what they do to support them.  

The piece gives an interesting insight into the situation of the refugees in Calais (summer 2018).

Refugee Community Kitchen:  http://www.refugeecommunitykitchen.com/

Twitter:  @RefugeeCKitchen

Camcrag:  https://camcrag.org.uk/

Twitter:  @Camb4Calais

Help refugees:  https://helprefugees.org/volunteer/calais/

Twitter:  @HelpRefugees


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Linda Ness meets women who have chosen to go to Calais to support refugees

Helen Meissner

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A far reaching interview with Helen Meissner, business woman and music  promoter who talks about working with her music producer daughter, having 4 marriages, failure,  confidence, and why there are so many female acts on the line up at her music festival Folkstock.  

Follow Helen Meissner

Website:     http://www.folkstockartsfoundation.com

Twitter:       @helenmeissner1  

Twitter:       @Folkstock 


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Listen to the interview

Suzie Thorpe meets Helen Meissner

Dr Tamsin Brown

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Dr Tamsin Brown has invented a device which helps children with glue  ear.  Tamsin, a paediatrician was asked who most inspired her to go into  medicine, and had a very interesting answer – a real twist in the tale! 

Listen to her interview below to find out more about this interesting woman and the work she is doing .

Follow Dr Tamsin Brown

Website:       https://hearglueear.wordpress.com/about/

Twitter:         @Hearglueear  


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Suzie Thorpe chats to Dr Tamsin Brown