Jan's Breast Cancer Diary

Jan Moore, one of our contributors to Women Making Waves is going through treatment for breast cancer.   It's Jan's second time of going through chemotherapy and she wanted to share her experiences with other women.   The purpose of this diary is to encourage women to go for regular checks - like Jan has been doing.  

9 October 2019

Part 2 of Jan Moore's Cancer Diary.  Jan talks to Linda Ness about the effects of the first  chemotherapy.  Hair is now falling out and jaunty caps are being worn.  This is an honest rendition of being treated for breast cancer - but nonetheless uplifting.  

Hair flying away in the breeze;  Moore's marauders;  remember the imodium!  

23 September 2019

Jan Moore has had her diagnosis and has been given one session of chemotherapy.  She tells Linda Ness what had happened so far.