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We meet Tayna Lambert who turned her back on a business career to manage her own food company;  Since 2008 physiotherapist and pioneer Dr Sarah Upjohn has been treating musicians for playing related injuries;  and Courtney Grinham heads up an organisation which helps change the lives of those who struggle to find employment.

Episode 20

Professor Professor Melody Clark is a project leader at British Antarctic Survey;  Kelly Molson is keen to encourage more women into tech and also to support other women agency owners and Sarah Glover was so shocked by what she saw in India of girls and women forced into slavery that she set up a charity to teach them to become manicurists;  

Episode 19

Photographer Anita Corbin came in to talk about her First Women exhibition,    Georgina Shoshana Cohen  wants to become the first female skeleton athlete to complete for Israel in the 2022 Winter Olympics, and  

Helena Trenkic  is passionate about ensuring that sex education is properly handled in schools.

Episode 18

We meet Hilary Cox Condron who is a community artist;  Cassandra Farron tells the moving story of losing her Mum to dementia;   and Louise Rowland talks about her debut novel The Girls Book of Priesthood that reveals the young women of today behind the collar. 

Episode 17

We meet Alicia who fled an abusive marriage and is now picking up the pieces of her life;  Sarah McDonald is the Director of Music at Selwyn College and an enthusiastic promoter of women composers;  and adventurer Jan Chatzis tells the story of taking part in the Clipper Round the world race.   

Episode 16

Scientist Dr Priyanka Joshi, is on the Vogue 25 list of the most influential women in the UK;  Joanna Bromwich fundraises for the Bantangba project in The Gambia.    Fancy talking to new people? Johnnie Moore tells us about Unhurried Conversations

Episode 15

 In this edition we meet Dame Janet Thornton, one of the world's leading researchers in structural bioinformatics,   Captain Jennifer Stevenson a helicopter pilot working with East Anglian Air Ambulance services and Marketeer Sue Keogh, director of Sookio and on the Board of Cambridge 105 Radio.  

Episode 14

Mayor of Cambridge Gerri Bird tells us the incredible story of her life;  

Ever fancied trying past life regression?  We talk to Louise Rhodes who specialises in hypnotic therapy;  and Michelle Moore has been included in The Independent 50 Most Influential Women in Sport

Episode 13

Renee Friend has spent 30 years fundraising for Isabel Hospice in Bishops Stortford;  Dr Jean Venables CBE  is a civil engineer who became the first female president of the Institution of Civil Engineers in 2008, and Mistress of Girton College Susan Smith talks about Girtonians who have roads named after them in Eddington

Episode 12

 Madi Vorva started campaigning against the use of unsustainable palm-oil when she was 11 years old 

Dr Rebecca Lent is the Executive Secretary of the International Whaling Commission and 

Cassa Pancha MBE is the founder and Artistic Director of Ballet Black 

Episode 11

 Dr Helen Pankhurst, CBE spoke to us about following in  the illustrious footsteps of Emmeline and Sylvia Pankhurst;    Diane Danzebrink talks about the menopause and her mission to improve out knowledge of the topic;   Innovator and entrepreneur Soraya Jones talks about her life.  (photo Helen Pankhurst - Katie Lucas)

Episode 10

We speak to Julie Spence, the first female Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire.   Morgan Seag tells us about her fascination for the Antarctic and her work tracing the integration of women in the continent.   And we chat to The Revd Dr Victoria Johnson,  the first woman Canon at Ely Cathedral.  

Episode 9

Hannah Deacon fought to allow her son to be given medical cannabis which has brought his severe epilepsy under control.  Sheila Kissane-Marshall is a Civil engineer with 20 years in construction but her toughest construction job was rebuilding her body and mind after cancer

episode 8

Dr Nicky Dee, Head of Research at St John's Innovation Centre Ltd talks about her work with entrepreneurs;  

Adelina Chalmers from picking fruit to mentoring Theresa May...  

And baby Barrister Aphra Bruce-Jones is talks of her career choice

Episode 7

What's it like to be second in command at NASA?  We find out from Dr Dava J Newman; Sharon Williams wrote a story which was turned into a film and  high flying undergraduate Bonnie Samuyiwa talks of her visit to 10 Downing Street, 

Episode 6

Chloe Shaw and Sarah Rodgerson got their employer Cambridge Assessment English to help refugees    Jess King helps people with self harm scars to cover them with tattoos, and Jackie Hughes and Haley Hendy tell us about the Human Milk Bank.  


Tracey Curtis-Taylor is an  aviator, adventurer and inspirational speaker. Women's wrestling in all it's glory - with shocking revelations, from Emily Read  who runs Pro Wrestling Eve and Natalie Emuss talks about the trauma of having breast cancer.  

Episode 4
Andrea Cockerton from We Are Sound named as one of the 50 New Radicals by Nesta.

Dr Victoria Bateman has been hitting the headlines because of her naked protests;  Andrea Cockerton has recently been named as one of the 50 New Radicals by Nesta and Cathlyn Crawley has written a book about the angst of looking after babies.   

Flaming June presents the Women's Battalion, a song celebtraing womens suffrage

Featuring Louise from the band Flaming June,  Kelly Anstee who has set up a successful tax accountancy and Charlotte Payne who wants to encourage us to eat inspects.

Episode 2
Helen Meissner

Featuring women volunteers  supporting refugees in Calais, Dr Tamsin Brown who has invented a device  to help children with glue ear, and Helen Meissner music promoter and  business woman 

Episode 1