Cassa Pancho MBE

Cassa Pancho MBE is the founder and Artistic Director of Ballet Black, a professional ballet company.  Cassa saw a real lack of black dancers and this ignited the creation of Ballet Black in 2001.  Cassa’s goal is ultimately to see a change in the number of black and asian dancers in mainstream ballet companies.  


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 Suzie Thorpe talks to Cassa Pancho MBE

Dr Rebecca Lent

Dr Rebecca Lent is the Executive Secretary of the International Whaling Commission which provides for the proper conservation of whale stocks;   Rebecca speaks to Women Making Waves contributor Jan Moore about her role in the Commission, and how important it is to make sure that whales are protected so that they don’t become extinct.


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Listen to the interview

Women Making Waves contributor Jan Moore talks to Dr Rebecca Lent

Madison Grace Crimmins Vorva

Madi Vorva has campaigned against the use of unsustainable palm-oil since she was 11 years old.    Madi became quite the celebrity in America when she was a teenager - she became incensed by the fact that gorillas were being killed because of the production of palm-oil, and started a campaign which is still going on today. 

Madi was instrumental in persuading Kellogs to agree to a deforestation-free policy for all its products;  she has fronted a TV show, made a documentary in Cambodia, became a United Nations Forest Hero and was honored at the Teen Choice Awards. Madi now sits on the board of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). 

Madi talks to Linda Ness and Suzie Thorpe


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Linda Ness and  Suzie Thorpe talk to Madi Vorva