Gerri Bird

 Mayor of Cambridge Gerri Bird who tells us the incredible story of her life - from being born in a mother and baby home in Ireland, to becoming the first citizen of Cambridge.  This true story sounds like the plot for a novel. 


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 Linda Ness talks to Gerri Bird

Michelle Moore

How does it feel to be influential? Michelle Moore has been included in The Independent 50 Most Influential Women in Sport as well as winning the UK Precious Award to ‘Outstanding Woman in Sport”? Michelle played a key role at the London 2012 Olympic Games developing strategy and creating engagement opportunities for thousands of young people and staff in London schools. 


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Suzie Thorpe talks to Michelle Moore

Louise Rhodes


Ever fancied trying past life regression?  Perhaps in a previous incarnation you were a Queen - or a murderer!   Well we talk to Louise Rhodes who specialises in helping people through hypnotic therapy - and who has a special interest in past life regression.


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Listen to the interview

Linda Ness talks to Louise Rhodes