Dr Priyanka Joshi

During her PhD Dr Priyanka Joshi developed a small molecule library to target irregular proteins present in diseases such as Alzheimers;  Amongst other accolades she is on the Vogue 25 list of the most influential women in the UK.  Linda Ness chatted to her 


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Linda Ness chats to Dr Priyanka Joshi

Joanna Bromwich

Joanna Bromwich doesn’t like to go on holiday and sit on a beach… before going to The Gambia she searched for interesting projects to visit and found the Bantangba project.   Joanna has since raised lots of money for a toilet block and other projects which support the nursery school in rural Gambia.    


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Linda Ness talks to Joanna Bromwich

Unhurried Conversations

Ever fancied getting to know people in an unhurried way?   In this lifestyle piece, Johnnie Moore talks to Linda Ness about the group he started in Cambridge which is now taking off in other parts of the country and indeed the world.


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Listen to the interview

Linda Ness talk to Johnnie Moore