Not her real name, but 'Alicia' was the victim of serious domestic abuse.  She fled her home and is now facing rebuilding her life.  Alicia tells her story, and talks about a scheme run by homeless charity Wintercomfort,  which really helped get her back on her feet.  Alicia is joined by Elliot Harris from Overstream Clean.  Music used in the interview is Freedom’s Fairytale for Girls by Flaming June.

Find out more about Overstream Clean and Winter Comfort:

If you have been affected by domestic abuse the following sites may be of interest:

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Linda Ness chats to Alicia and Elliot Harris

Sarah MacDonald

Canadian Sarah Macdonald is a Fellow and Director of Music at Selwyn College and Director of Ely Cathedral Girls Choir.  She was the first woman to get the job of a college director of music in Oxbridge, and she composes as well as promotes women’s music.   Women Making Waves Contributor Jan Moore met her.


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Jan Moore talks to Sarah MacDonald

Jan Chatzis

Jan Chatzis took part in the 2015/16 Clipper Round the World race.  She tells the story of thrills and hardship to Women Making Waves contributor Liz Barker. 


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Listen to the interview

Liz Barker talks to Jan Chatzis