Cassandra Farren


Cassandra Farren, has written a book called “I've Lost My Mum” which is her very personal story about her Mother’s dementia.  Women Making Waves contributor Bobby Jones met Cassandra.



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Bobby Jones speaks to Cassandra Farren

Hilary Cox Condron

Hilary Cox Condron is a Community artist and engagement worker sometime described as ‘community glue’.   A vibrant force of nature, Hilary has been involved in lots of community projects  She speaks to Linda Ness about her life.


Twitter       @MsHilaryCox


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Linda ness meets Hilary Cox Conron

Louise Rowland

Louse Rowland’s debut novel The Girl’s Book of Priesthood is an extremely thought provoking read.  Although fictitious it is meticulously researched and threaded with humour.  Louise also gives insight to her phenomenal career as keynote speech writer to thought leadership that continues around her novel writing.   Suzie Thorpe talked to Louise

Twitter:   @louiserowland20


Listen to the interview...

Listen to the interview

Suzie Thorpe talks to Louise Rowland