Sarah Glover

Sarah Glover who was so shocked by how some women and girls in India were treated that she set up a charity called Born to be Beautiful.  Sarah uses her skills as a beautician to train these women as manicurists so that they have a way of earning a living, and visits both India and Uganda


Sarah’s philosophy is that with polish and a nail file these women will have a way of earning money;  

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Facebook @borntobebeautiful

Twitter:   @BTBBCharity

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Suzie Thorpe and Linda Ness talk to Sarah Glover

Professor Melody Clark



Professor Melody Clark is a project leader at British Antarctic Survey who won the senior prize for outstanding women in marine biological sciences.  Women Making Waves contributor Jan Moore talks to Melody about her work, the Antarctic and climate change.

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Jan Moore talks to Professor Melody Clark

Kelly Molson

Kelly Molson tells the story of how she jointly set up a web agency called Rubber Cheese.   Kelly is keen to encourage more women into tech and also to support other women agency owners - at the moment only 27% of UK agency owners are women. 

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Twitter:  @TheChiefCheese

Twitter:  @WeAreMobHappy




Listen to the interview...

Listen to the interview

Linda Ness talks to Kelly Molson