Episode 2

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Episode 2

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Flaming June

Louise Eatock from the band Flaming June   has a brilliant new single "The Women's Battalion" about the 100 year  anniversary of women's suffrage and is looking for your suggestions about  what women are marching for now.  These suggestios will be included in the video for the single.

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Website:       https://flamingjuneuk.bandcamp.com/

Facebook:    https://en-gb.facebook.com/flamingjuneuk/

Twitter:        @flamingjuneuk


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Suzie Thorpe, Linda Ness and Rebecca Newman Matthews meet up with Louise from Flaming June

Kelly Anstee

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?  An accountant by any chance? 

Kelly Anstee who founded Taxswag did.  She talks about the reason behind that decision and how she started her tax accountancy business.  Passionate about what she does, Kelly gives a lively, down to earth and very listenable interview to Linda Ness. 

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Website:      https://www.taxswag.co.uk/

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Listen to the interview...

Listen to the interview

Linda Ness meets Kelly Anstee

Charlotte Payne

Would you swap meat for insects to make the world more sustainable?

Charlotte Payne is doing a PhD on just this topic.   In this lively interview Charlotte talks to Linda Ness about why she believes that eating insects could help the environment and describes the first time she went hunting for hornets...  

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Twitter:                            @libertyruth

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in interview:                     http://www.bugsfeed.com/libertyruth


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Linda Ness meets Charlotte Payne