Courtney Grinham

Courtney Grinham started out working in the hairdressing industry.  An injury to her hand forced her to take on temporary work in an agency which deals with helping people to get into the workplace.  Move on several years and she is now managing director of that organisation. 

Courtney talks about her career and how she loves helping people.

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Linda Ness talks to Courtney Grinham



Dr Sarah Upjohn is certainly making waves.  Her pioneering doctoral work at the University of Cambridge has focused on preventing playing-related injuries in young musicians.  Sarah worked with The Purcell School to set up a strategy to identify risk factors and improve injury prevention awareness among pupils, staff, parents and all involved with the school.   This work is exemplary in preparing young musicians for healthy and successful careers. 

Women Making Waves contributor Jan Moore talks to Sarah.

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Jan Moore talks to Dr Sarah Upjohn

Tanya Lambert

In October 2015, Tanya Lambert made a life-changing decision to leave behind an established career in the energy industry for a career that made time to focus on her family and secure a life-long wish to start a food company that encompassed some of Tanya’s passions to produce real food for families.   


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Listen to the interview

Linda Ness talks to Tanya Lambert