Sarah Begum


Sarah Begum is an investigative immersive journalist who has lived in extraordinary locations in the world, meeting and getting to know people who live in environments very different from our own. Linda Ness met this fascinating energetic woman who seems to be fearless of going to hostile places but passionate about helping the people that she befriends.

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Linda Ness talks to Sarah Begum

Dr Magdalena Zawisza-Riley


Dr Magdalena Zawisza-Riley is an academic psychologist whose research interests include gender, consumer and social psychology and focus mainly on issues of gender, sexism and advertising. She talks to Linda Ness about her participation in the Cambridge Festival of ideas

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Book: Advertising, Gender and Society  


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Linda Ness talks to Dr Magdalena


Jan Moore


Jan Moore sometimes records interviews for Women Making Waves, often interviewing female musicians because Jan has a particular interest in music.    Recently Jan was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Bad enough to be given this news, but Jan had already gone through breast cancer several years ago.  Jan wants to draw attention to the importance of going for regular scans, and decided to do an audio diary of her treatment, what is happening and how she feels.   

This is the first part of the diary, where she talks about finding an irregularity, being told that the cancer had returned and going through her first chemotherapy.


Listen to the interview...

Listen to the interview

Linda Ness talks to Jan Moore