Zion Lights


Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Zion Lights is a passionate science communicator interested in everything from soil to the stars. Zion reaches out through her writing and also her speaking engagements to help to change the world for the better, working to bring research to life for children and adults alike.

Zion was dubbed 'Britain's greenest mother' in 2015 by The Daily Telegraph and 'an eco pragmatist, happily heavy on evidence' by The Guardian. 

She has written for The Huffington Post, authored the evidence-based nonfiction book The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting, and is a TEDx speaker.

Follow Zion:

Twitter:       @ziontree     

Twitter:       @XRebellionUK          

Website:     www.zionlights.co.uk  

Facebook:  @fromthesoiltothestars


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 Suzie Thorpe talks to Zion Lights

Anya Navidski


Anya is the Founding Partner at Voulez Capital – Europe’s first venture capital fund for female founders.   Anya is an Investor in Residence at Google for Startups, the winner of the Women in Finance Specialist Investor of the Year 2019 award and has been featured in many publications, including the Financial Times, Techworld and the BBC.

Anya has been recognised as one of the most notable women and a Catalyst Hero by The Next Women.com and she has assisted a European government on structuring and execution of an investment fund to facilitate growth of ‘technology SME champions’. 


Follow Anya:

Twitter:     @AnyaNavidski

Twitter:     @VoulezCapital 

Website:   https://www.voulez.capital/


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Suzie Thorpe talks to Anya Navidski