Dr Victoria Bateman

How does it feel to walk into a room full of people when you are completely naked?  Dr Victoria Bateman is a feminist and economist who has been hitting the headlines because of her naked protests.  We wanted to understand what made her decide to protest using her body.

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Women Making waves contributor Leigh Chambers meets Dr Victoria Bateman

Andrea Cockerton

Andrea Cockerton who founded We Are Sound has recently been named as one of the 50 New Radicals by Nesta in conjunction with the Observer.  We wanted to find out more about this musician and composer.

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Listen to the interview

Women Making Waves contributor Alex Elbro meets Andrea Cockerton

Cathlyn Crawley

Cathlyn Crawley has written an honest book about surviving the early days of parenthood, a period which can be both exhausting and challenging.  It’s easy to believe that everyone else is coping when you may not be. 

Cathlyn tells us of her struggles to become pregnant and how the period following the birth didn't feel as perfect as expected.

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Linda Ness meets Cathlyn Crawley