Dr Dava J Newman

It's no joke when the White House calls you to ask if you’re interested in serving as NASA’s deputy administrator.. and in some ways you can really understand why Dr Dava Newman thought it was a prank call at first!  But when she realised the call was genuine she wasted no time accepting this prestigious job.

Rocket scientist Dr Dava Newman speaks to Suzie Thorpe

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Suzie Thorpe talks to Dr Dava J Newman 

Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams went on a writing course which she really enjoyed.   What she didn’t expect was that one of her stories would be turned into a short film by an award winning director.   

Sharon tells Linda Ness how it all came about and also described the poignant story she wrote - the Apricot Tree.   

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Listen to the interview...

Listen to the interview

Linda Ness talks to Sharon Williams

Bonnie Samuyiwa

Lucy Cavendish College undergraduate Bonnie Samuyiwa  

was selected by Powerful Media as one of the UK’s top 100 most outstanding undergraduates from an African/Afro-Caribbean background and will feature in Powerful Media’s Future Leaders magazine.

Bonnie talks to Linda Ness about her trip to 10 Downing Street - and the work she has done to achieve the accolade.  

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Linda Ness talks to Bonnie Samuyiwa