Who is the Geek Whisperer?   Well Adelina Chalmers loves engineers. She speaks their language and gains both their trust and those who work with engineers and achieves extraordinary results connecting on all levels and opens up to Women Making Waves Suzie Thorpe about her journey so far.

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Suzie Thorpe talks to Adelina Chalmers



Why is it hard to find a role model at the bar?  Not just any bar, we mean the legal bar.   Someone who looks like you and someone to aspire to. 

Aphra Bruce-Jones thinks we need more women barrister role models. These women barristers not only need to be called to the bar but be called to talk to girls in schools and universities as well. 

Aphra Bruce-Jones reveals some hard truths to Women Making Waves Suzie Thorpe 

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Listen to the interview

Suzie Thorpe talks to Aphra Bruce-Jones


Dr Nicky Dee works in entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainability. In this fascinating insight into the world of entrepreneurs, Nicky tells Women Making Waves contributor Liz Barker about how she got into the work and about the projects she has been involved with. 

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Liz Barker talks to Dr Nicky Dee