Hannah Deacon hit the headlines because of her relentless campaign to legalise medicinal cannabis, Driven by the fact that her son Alfie has a rare condition which escalated to cause up to 30 seizures a day.  Rather than sitting back and accepting the treatment which was available, Hannah recognised that it was inadequate and even dangerous and so has researched, travelled abroad and relentlessly campaigned to get the UK government to change their policy on the use of medical cannabis.

Hannah tells Linda Ness her story.

We have two versions of the interview, the shorter edited version used on the radio programme and the full interview.  Those interested in hearing the full details can listen to Hannah's full conversation.  


Listen to the interview (radio edit)

Linda Ness talks to Hannah Deacon

Listen to the interview (full version)

Linda Ness talks to Hannah Deacon


Sheila Kissane-Marshall’s journey to board level, especially as a woman in the civil engineering industry, has faced obstacles at all levels.  

Then came another blockade, breast cancer.  Sheila’s plight to improve not only her life after treatment but that of other women too is impressive.  Sheila talks to Suzie Thorpe.  


Listen to the interview...

Listen to the interview

Suzie Thorpe talks to Sheila Kissane-Marshall